Our History

KrustaVita began simply.

Our founder Elisabeth, who was born in Denmark, missed the wholesome and hearty goodness of the dark rye bread she grew up with. She also longed to replace the empty-calorie snacks she ate mid-morning with something more filling, healthy and delicious. So Elisabeth started baking, bringing together the healthy goodness of whole grain rye with the tanginess of sourdough. The result? KrustaVita, Latin for “bread of life.”

Word spread quickly about this healthy and flavor-rich sourdough, rye bread. Soon family, friends, healthcare providers, sports enthusiasts and other people started requesting loaves of KrustaVita as a delicious way to support their health. Royal Rye and KrustaVita were born. Now you can buy KrustaVita in select grocery stores or online.

Our Sourdough Rye Bread

KrustaVita is an artisan, sourdough rye bread based on rich Scandinavian traditions and baked with simple, natural and organic ingredients. It’s packed with hearty flavor and healthy nutrients to satisfy your hunger and help fuel and protect your body.

A Note from Our Founder

With a background as a registered nurse, and having worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in cardiovascular diseases, I know how important a healthy diet is to help prevent many common lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. As an active person who loves delicious food, I also know how important great taste and quality ingredients are for keeping you satisfied and making healthy food choices.

That’s why I created KrustaVita. It provides a simple, wholesome and natural way to satisfy your cravings and gives you a nutritious boost. It’s so delicious; you’ll wonder how anything that tastes so good could be so good for you.

I hope you’ll enjoy KrustaVita sourdough rye bread so much you’ll want to spread the word about its goodness to help your friends and family improve their diets. I also hope you’ll introduce it to your children, so they can acquire a taste for this wonderful rye cereal grain and begin making healthy food choices from childhood.

– Elisabeth-


Our Mission

  • Bake the most delicious and nutritious sourdough rye bread you can find
  • Improve the health of Americans one loaf at a time
  • Increase America’s awareness of the health benefits of rye grain and sourdough

Learn More about KrustaVita Sourdough Rye Bread
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