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Royal Rye’s Fan Club

Tammy says “I love KrustaVita. I like to toast a slice for breakfast with a bit of pumpkin butter or some jarlsberg cheese. Not only does it taste great, but I feel full all morning so I am not tempted to reach for an unhealthy mid-morning snack.”

Tina is pleased.  “I love this bread! It is so delicious! I have it for breakfast toasted with almond butter or cream cheese. Or I will have an open face sandwich for lunch. It always makes me feel full and satisfied. I also love the consistency. It is not too heavy, yet it is full of healthy whole grains. Just Love It!!!” 

Diana B, MD says “I just finished my lunch of your absolutely wonderful bread with sharp cheddar cheese and tomatoes! I’m trying hard not to eat it all at once as I’ll be sad to see it gone! I look forward to the wild success of your business so it will be readily available. Thanks and it’s really terrific!”

Madelyn says “Just finished my first loaf of KrustaVita that I got in Portland at New Seasons. Kept it in the freezer and ate it toasted with butter and Trader Joe’s Fig Butter most often. Delicious! Keep up the good work.”

Beka will share! “WOW, I just discovered your pumpkin molasses bread at New Seasons. I am going to buy the rest of their loaves today to give to people back home in Tallahassee, FL. I am a big fan and will keep on stocking up whenever I am here. Can’t wait to get some of the original too. This is real bread the way I remember it, as it should be. Great job. May you flourish.”

Nate is content. “I’m glad I splurged for a loaf. It’s delicious.”

Theresa is delighted! “Greetings, As a person who reads the ingredients of every food item I buy, I was delighted to find your bread on the shelf of the store where I shop and have been exclusively enjoying it as the only bread I use ever since. It’s the absolute best bread I’ve ever bought and I love that you are a local company as well.”

Gun is satisfied! “So nice to meet you today at the Ecotrust event and to learn about your Krustavita. It is fantastic!! So happy to have finally found a ‘real’ rye bread.”

Mike is now a regular customer! “I really appreciate having your wonderful bread available at New Seasons where I shop. It is so fresh and tasty. I like slicing it myself depending on how I wish to eat it. I am your new regular customer!”

Briana wants more! “I was wondering what day you deliver bread to New Seasons Market- Arbor Lodge. It is the only bread I can eat (I have an insulin resistance) and frequently they are out, and I want to know when to go so I can make sure and get some! (Also, your bread is AMAZING) Thanks!”

Ginny likes to share! “I just tasted Royal Rye for the first time yesterday at New Season’s and immediately bought a loaf. It tastes great and the texture is really satisfying. Today I’m sharing it around the office with other foodies. Thanks for making such a healthy and delicious treat.”

Ada wants to add Krustavita to her daily menu! “I was recently in Portland where I had a chance to have your bread for breakfast every morning. I’m told it’s only local but wondering if you ship within the U.S.? I’m gluten intolerant and hypoglycemic and your bread has great flavor and is easily digested so I’d love to make it part of my daily breakfast and lunch menu.”

Dale wants a quick protein snack! “It is the perfect replacement for the sugary protein bars I used to eat daily as a mid-morning pick-me-up…Just as much protein, more fiber, and only one gram of sugar. It’s delicious toasted and a single slice keeps me going for hours. Can’t believe I live in Portland and this is the first I’ve discovered your great product! Thank you for making such a wonderful bread… I’m a huge fan!”

Anonymous “I bought two loaves at VegFest and now I have to always keep one in stock at home! It is so delicious and I love how healthy it is. I am vegan and I make my own cashew cheese, which is so good on toasted Krustavita.”

Anonymous “I bought your bread yesterday at New Seasons and I love it. It is exactly what I was looking for and I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoy it. I hope you continue to bake this bread far into the future!

Tastes Best Toasted!

Who’s Enjoying KrustaVita?

  • People who are diabetic
  • People who want to loose weight
  • People who want to improve their diet
  • People who want to improve their digestion
  • People who want to support their immune system
  • People who want to give their kids a healthy start to life
  • People who love delicious whole grain bread and sourdough

Learn More about KrustaVita Sourdough Rye Bread
For information and research studies on the health benefits of rye, whole grain and sourdough, visit our resource section