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How Did KrustaVita and Royal Rye Get Started?


Our Story

KrustaVita began simply. Our founder Elisabeth, who was born in Denmark, missed the wholesome and hearty goodness of the dark rye bread she grew up with. She also longed to replace the empty-calorie snacks she ate mid-morning with something more filling, healthy and delicious. So Elisabeth started baking, bringing together the healthy goodness of whole grain rye with the tanginess of sourdough. The result? KrustaVita, Latin for “bread of life.”

Word spread quickly about this healthy and flavor-rich sourdough, rye bread. Soon family, friends, healthcare providers, sports enthusiasts and other people started requesting loaves of KrustaVita as a delicious way to support their health. Royal Rye and KrustaVita were born. Now you can buy KrustaVita in select grocery stores or online.

Our Bread


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